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Swimming pool accessories provide customer a wider choice and one stop purchase service, including floating lane, fitting parts, staring blocks, skimmer, main drain, wall return, massage nozzles, pool liner, grating, cover and so on.

When a swimming pool water treatment equipment is commissioned, it cannot be operated immediately. Various functional accessories are also needed. The following types are usually used. The swimming pool accessories suppliers will provide supporting facilities according to the actual use requirements of the swimming pool.

1. Stainless steel pool ladder: used as upper and lower swimming pools. In addition to the professional diving pool and competition pool, the swimming pool cannot be jumped in directly for safety. At this time, the swimming pool accessories suppliers recommend that customers use the pool ladder.

2. Wall-mounted underwater light: As a decoration, the wall light can provide better visual effects for clubs, villas and landscaped swimming pools. It does not need to be pre-buried, it is installed on the whole wall, and it is easy to operate.

3. Cleaning tools: The normal operation of swimming pools is inseparable from professional cleaning tools. Cleaning tools generally include shallow nets for cleaning pool surface floating objects, underwater vacuum cleaners for cleaning pool bottom sediments, swimming pool body brushes, leaf nets, and water quality testing reagents, etc.

4. Safety tools: According to the actual use, it is also necessary to equip the lifeguard chair, lane line, starting platform, water depth warning sign, etc. If your pool is deep and large, you need to have professional life-saving equipment in case you need it.

5. Disinfection supporting products: In addition to the need for water recycling, we also need to add corresponding disinfection drugs according to the water quality, such as strong chlorine, chlorine tablets, instant tablets, PH adjusters, etc., supporting equipment: electric Mixer, dosing bucket, filter bag, filter bucket, filter basket, etc.

In addition to the above swimming pool configuration, if you have high requirements on the water quality of the swimming pool, you can use the FINN Forest swimming pool accessories suppliers swimming pool water treatment system to effectively improve the water quality, healthy and chlorine-free!

The benefits of swimming
1. Enhanced myocardial function
The action of water during swimming makes it easy for the limb blood to return to the heart and speed up the heart rate. Long-term swimming will have a significant increase in cardiac motility, strong contraction, increased elasticity of the vessel wall thickness, and increased blood volume per stroke. Therefore, swimming can exercise a strong and powerful heart.

2. Increase endurance
The water temperature of swimming is far lower than the temperature of the human body, soaking in water and dissipating heat quickly and consumes a lot of energy. People who often participate in swimming, because of the improvement of body temperature regulation function, are not prone to colds, but also improve the body's secretory function, so that the function of the pituitary gland increases, thereby improving the resistance and immunity to the disease.

3. Weight Loss
When swimming, the body is directly immersed in water. The water not only has high resistance, but also has good thermal conductivity, and the heat dissipation speed is fast, thus consuming more heat. Exercise in the water will make many people who want to lose weight get twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, swimming is one of the most effective exercises to keep fit.

4. Physical fitness
When swimming, people usually use the buoyancy of water to prone or lie on the water, relax and stretch the whole body, so that the body can develop in a comprehensive, well-proportioned and coordinated manner. It will not grow a very stiff muscle mass and can make the whole body smooth and beautiful.

5. Strengthen lung function
When swimming, the person's chest is subject to 12-15 kg of pressure, plus cold water stimulates muscle contraction, breathing is difficult, forcing people to breathe hard and increase the depth of breathing, so that the amount of oxygen inhaled can meet the needs of the body. Swimming promotes the development of respiratory muscles, increased chest circumference, increased lung capacity, and more open alveolar inspiratory, smooth ventilation, and extremely beneficial to health.

6. Skin Care
When swimming, the water washes the skin, sweat glands, and fat glands, which plays a very good massage effect, promotes blood circulation, and makes the skin smooth and elastic. In addition, the movement of salt in the sweat greatly reduces the irritation of the skin in the sweat.

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