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Fountain light is the most important part of fountain,make fountain more colorful,different power to meet your requirement.


It can be said that there is no glamour in the absence of light, and there is no fascinating scenery without color. The role of lighting is especially important when designing a musical fountain. How do you choose an underwater lantern? The following is a detailed introduction by the fountain light suppliers.

When designing the underwater lanterns for fountain design, many professional fountain light suppliers will regard the safety performance of the lanterns as the first consideration. The selected lanterns must be in accordance with the requirements of international standards. The lantern under safe voltage can be used.

Musical fountains can generally perform very well at night. If we really want to ensure a good match, then the detection of the equipment is still critical, and there must be no problems. Such fountains generally need to be matched with suitable lanterns. The LED lamps used now have relatively good results, but we should definitely do a comprehensive treatment. Moreover, the sealing performance and wiring work of the lanterns must not be ignored.

Guarantee sealing will not cause failure
Regardless of the type of music fountain, all equipment should have a certain degree of waterproof performance, so it is certainly necessary to ensure the effect of sealing, otherwise, there will be certain problems. Therefore, if you want to install a suitable lantern, the fountain light suppliers recommend that you should do the overall sealing as much as possible, which naturally allows us to follow the installation without any impact. Because such fountains need to be treated by UMC, if there is a problem, it is not very good to seal the work, and the impact is also very large.

Wiring safety to ensure application
In fact, in addition to the installation of lanterns, other musical equipment need to be confirmed in terms of wiring. Safety protection must not be ignored. In fact, as long as it is able to complete the overall installation of the fountain, the confirmation of the wire is also very important. And if the safety of the wiring is really guaranteed, and the waterproof protection work is done, it is natural not to worry too much. It is recommended that the work on wiring should be confirmed in advance, and it is also very important to operate by the workers of professional fountain light suppliers.

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