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Fountain pump is the engine of fountain,show the power of fountain,cast iron and stainless steel 2 material and different power for you to choose.The fountain pump provide by Fenlin fountain pump supplier are convenient to use and has firmness and durability features. 


The fountain pump supplier combines the hydraulic calculation results of the fountain to determine the pump type. Through the nameplate, you can basically understand the specifications and main performance of the pump.

Pump model. According to the flow, head, size and other models of the water pump, there are two models.

Pump flow. Refers to the amount of water discharged by the pump during the unit time, expressed in units of or.

Pump head. This refers to the total pumping height of the pump. Allow vacuuming the height. This is to prevent the cavitation of the pump during operation.

The safe height of water absorption determined by the experiment, which has a safety distance of 0.3 m. This indicator indicates that the water absorption capacity of the pump is the basis for the installation height of the pump.

The fountain pump supplier said that the pump type is selected by the two main factors of flow and lift, as follows: Determine the flow. Calculate the total flow according to the fountain hydraulics. Determine the head. Calculate the total head according to the fountain hydraulics.

When the fountain pump supplier recommends selecting the pump, the choice of the pump should be based on the determined total flow and total head. Check the pump nameplate to select it. If the fountain equipment needs to use two or more pumps to raise water ( Note: the pumps are connected in parallel, the flow rate increases, the pressure is constant; the pumps are connected in series, the flow rate is constant, the pressure is increased ) , and each pump is counted by the total flow rate. Pump flow, then use the pump performance table to select the pump. When looking up the table, if both pumps are used, the model with small power, high efficiency, small impeller and lightweight should be preferred.

Fountain pump features
The QSP fountain pump is one of the fountain pumps commonly used in fountain engineering. The fountain pump supplier introduces the characteristics and operating conditions of the fountain pump.

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