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Swimming is an entertainment that everyone loves, especially in the summer, swimming pools are crowded. But in the cold winter, there are some people who really want to swim, but the water temperature is very low, what should they do? At this time, there is a way to heat the indoor pool, so that people can fully enjoy the fun of swimming in the pool all year round.

The heating parts here we have water heaters, swimming pool heater,heat pumps and heat exchangers for you to choose, fast heating and safe heating way to satisfy every pool’s request and different countries’ heating temperature.

The winter season is coming, marking the beginning of winter. After the winter, the sunshine time will continue to shorten, and the temperature will start to cool down, especially in the north. The outdoor pool is gradually closed for use, and the demand for indoor heated swimming pools is increasing. The heated swimming pool is warm and comfortable, but at the same time, the excessive moisture caused by the evaporation of water vapor in the heated swimming pool room is also a headache. To this end, FINN Forest swimming pool heater suppliers will share the knowledge of indoor dehumidification systems.

Many swimming pool heater suppliers do not include the dehumidification system when designing the indoor swimming pool. Only the constant temperature system is designed, which leads to excessive moisture, and is dehumidified by a common dehumidifier or by central air conditioning. The practice is undoubtedly a drop in the bucket, to no avail.

The main functions of the air conditioner are cooling and heating. Although the air conditioner with independent dehumidification function can dehumidify, the dehumidification amount is small, the dehumidification speed is slow, and the cold air is blown out, and the dehumidification is colder. In addition, the electronic air conditioner is fixedly mounted and can only be dehumidified in a small area. More importantly, when the air conditioner is independently dehumidified, it needs to increase the load operation several times, which not only consumes a large amount of power, but also damages the compressor. Shorten the life of the machine, so the air conditioner should not replace the dehumidifier.

So how do you solve the dehumidification problem in the indoor pool?
The dehumidification heat pump series is a product specially developed by the swimming pool heater suppliers for the indoor swimming pool. It integrates air conditioning, dehumidification and pool water heating, and recycles and comprehensively utilizes energy to overcome many problems such as high humidity and high chlorine environment. It runs through spring, summer, autumn and winter.

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