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Specializing in music fountain, our company is leading music fountain manufacturers.Music fountain is one of the most romantic leisure entertainment,beautiful colors changes at night, various water movement follows music rhythm, it is a magnificent visual and auditory feast.


Our company is leading outdoor fountain suppliers. Music fountain is one of the most romantic leisure entertainment, beautiful colors changes at night, various water movement follows music rhythm, it is a magnificent visual and auditory feast. As one of the professional outdoor fountain suppliers, let us introduce the principle and changes of the musical fountain.

Music fountain principle: changing the frequency changes the speed of the motor, which changes the pressure of the pump. The different frequencies of the music are sent to the control end of the variable frequency motor by the single-chip microcomputer, so that the motor speed changes with the pitch, rhythm, and strength of the music. The pressure of the water pump changes accordingly, and the water of the sneeze has a high and low change, and it is a pump that is controlled by several sets of equipment to control the plurality of nozzles.

The rhythm and intensity of the music are converted into a control signal, which in turn controls a voltage control device. After the power supply passes through the voltage control device, the output voltage also changes with the music, and then the water pump motor is controlled.

Music Fountain Control System: The software uses the physical waveform of the music file to divide it into several sections with an accuracy of ten milliseconds and automatically recognizes the basic emotional characteristics of the music such as shock, miss, lyricism, joy, passion, sadness, joy, and warmth, converted into control signal, after synchronous processing, output to the peripheral specific control unit through the signal output card, that is, control the submersible pump, solenoid valve, underwater lantern and inverter and other actuators according to the water type configuration rules, and the visual perception and the auditory feelings are integrated.

When people feel various sounds, they will unconsciously associate these auditory feelings with the feelings of other non-auditory organs. This phenomenon is called synesthesia and belongs to a phenomenon of heterogeneous polymorphism. In general, notes in the high-pitched area are often associated with bright visual perceptions, positive or happy modal feelings, and the notes in the low-range area are often associated with dim visual perceptions, depression or sad modal feelings; soothing the rhythm is easy to feel open space or calmer emotions, while the rapid rhythm is easy to feel narrow space, emotional agitation and so on. The arrangement of the fountain tracks is to configure various water types according to the synesthesia phenomenon. Just like programming a dance, in order to make the performance successful, the director needs to consider the body movements of the dancers to express the emotional charm of the music.

"Water is spiritual, every moment of the water column is unique, just like the course of life. Some people say, 'where the language ends, it is the beginning of music', I want to say, 'where the music ends, the splash still flying freely under the shadow of the sky. In front of the water, what we are forever lacking is the imagination. The happy elf that rushed out from the bottom of the pool has long been tired of darkness and silence, and has become like a baby in a colorful manner. Like a wise man, as elegant as a dancer, like the sky of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is generally clear, falling into the bottom of the pool and re-rushing out of the water, as life is endless, each of his gestures is his own, this joyful The elves have nothing to do with all the melancholy, obsession, and resentment. Looking at the flowers flying in the air, I feel that the passion and soul that I have suppressed in my heart have also been relieved for a moment. I have always had awe in the water, they are the greatest dancers, can't be shaped, never repeat, I just choreographed them for professional reasons. Water, the creation of nature, far better than the painter, the piano of the musician."

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