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Outdoor Fountain Suppliers

A outdoor fountain is an artificially created jet with the stream of water that's decorated with a grant structure containing a reservoir or chamber. Fountains are used for both interior and exterior purposes to have an admirable look.

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When a person dances, she will express a certain emotion through dancing, and the program-controlled fountain can also express cheerful or soft emotions through its own water type. Especially when the music is melodious, the change of the water type seems to be given more emotional color. How is this intelligent design controlled? The FINN Forest outdoor fountain suppliers is a waterscape enterprise dedicated to the design and construction of musical fountains. The FINN Forest outdoor fountain suppliers focus on the research and development and promotion of music fountains, square fountains, water curtain movies, water fountains, artificial fog and other technologies. FINN Forest outdoor fountain suppliers is a professional fountain design and construction manufacturing enterprise, which is a professional fountain company integrating fountain design, manufacture, installation and post-maintenance. Mainly undertake: musical fountains, program-controlled fountains, dry fountains, community and square fountains and other fountain projects.

The principle of the program-controlled fountain is to use the physical waveform of the music file, divide it into several sections with an accuracy of ten milliseconds, and automatically identify the basic emotional characteristics of the music such as shock, miss, lyric, joy, passion, sadness, joy, and warmth. And then convert to the control signal of the fountain. After the synchronization processing, the signal output card is output to the peripheral specific control unit, that is, the submersible pump, the electromagnetic valve, the underwater lantern and the inverter are controlled according to the water type configuration rule, and the visual feeling and the auditory feeling are integrated.

This is often the case when we watch the program-controlled fountains: when the instrument is played to the climax, when the water column is sprayed to the highest point, the sound of the music is similar to that of a salute. What is going on? In fact, this is the use of the latest gas explosion technology in the performance program, which can be called a welcome salute. It is understood that the gas explosion fountain technology is currently rare in the domestic music fountain, outdoor fountain suppliers say it often appears in the symphony, the purpose is to push the atmosphere of the square to a climax.

By the way, the principle of the gas explosion fountain is popularized: it consists of air compressor, high-pressure gas tank, valve and nozzle. During the performance of the fountain, the air compressor pre-presses the air pressure in the high-pressure gas tank to a certain pressure. When the gas explosion in which outdoor fountain suppliers produce is performed, the valve opens instantly, and the high-pressure gas rushes the water in the nozzle into the air to form a strong water-vapor combination. Produce blasting sound effects. The water jet of this type of fountain is controlled by a special solenoid valve, which has a fast opening and closing speed and can run quickly, resulting in an eye-catching effect.

  • Stainless steel fountain pump

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    Stainless steel fountain pump, the computer firstly identifies audio frequency and the MIDI signal, and then converts into instructions and output to control system to command the water performance and lights.

  • Diameter 10m hot sale lanscape outdoor fountain suppliers

    Diameter 10m hot sale lanscape outdoor fountain suppliersMore >

    • Fenlin outdoor fountain suppliers' Fountain accessories:
      1. Nozzle(stainless steel 304 or 316)
      2. Led lights(Plastic or stainless steel)
      3. Water pump(cast-iron and stainless steel)
      4. Fountain stand(stainless steel)
      5. Music controller
      6. Other accessories like ball valves

  • Chinese manufacturer musical dancing water fountain outdoor

    Chinese manufacturer musical dancing water fountain outdoorMore >

    • Outdoor Water Fountain With the lighting and music dancing, very nice at night, outdoor fountain is the perfect finishing touch for your garden. Choose from  Fenlin outdoor fountain suppliers wide selection of water fountains to add vitality and style to your garden.

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