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The sand filter is the main machine for a swimming pool to clean and cycle the swimming pool water. As an advance swimming pool sand filter suppliers in China, our swimming pool sand filter have the size from 400mm to 2400mm to fit different size swimming pools.


Whats the working principle of swimming pool sand filter tank and how to maintain it?

The wholesale swimming pool equipment sand filter tank is one of the most important accessories for the circulation system. It is used to filter and clean the water.


What is the working principle of the sand filter? We all know that quartz sand is filled in the swimming pool sand tank, why should we fill the sand? Because water can seep into the surface to become clear groundwater. As a simple experiment, we can find that the turbid water is poured into the sediment layer to filter out the clean water. The sand cylinder uses this principle. When the pool water passes through the sand filter tank, the impurities in the water will be trapped by the sand, and the water will flow back to the pool through the pipeline.

The stone filled in the pool filter is quartz sand, which is the special filter sand to remove the tiny dirt impurities in the pool water. The sand filter does not have to fill the entire sand tank, and it is probably filled in 2/3 position. When the sand tank is working normally, the pool water containing suspended dirt particles is pressed into the filter line by the circulation pump, and then guided by the control switch to reach the water outlet of the filter. The pool water is filtered through the sand tank, and tiny dirt is intercepted by the sand bed. The filtered water is returned to the pool from the bottom of the filter via the control switch and then from the pipe. This complete set of procedures is continuous and automatic, and together with the pool sand filter and the pipeline constitute a complete circulation system.

The circulatory system is often used, and it takes a long time. The surface of the sand filter covers a large amount of impurities that are filtered and retained. The more these impurities accumulate, the less the filtration effect of the sand filter and the entire circulation system are weakened. Therefore, after a certain period of time, the filter needs to be cleaned, which is what we usually call backwashing. Backwashing is the most important aspect of the maintenance of a swimming pool sand tank (must be done regularly). During the recoil, the water flow is reversed. The water flows upward from the bottom of the sand tank and backflushs through the sand layer. The accumulated dirt and debris are intercepted and discharged from the sewage outlet, and the inside of the sand tank is cleaned. After the backwashing, switch the valve to the appropriate position and restart normal filtration.

The above is the working principle of the sand filter tank. So how can maintenance be used to maximize the service life? Let's take a look at the maintenance method of the sand filter.

The structure of the sand filter is tight, the quality is too strong, and it can be used for a long time. Generally, it is not a problem for more than ten years, and it can even be used for a longer time.

1. The swimming pool sand filter tank and the circulation system should be used normally. Some people don't pay much attention to this, and the circulatory system is left idle as a display, and will not be opened once every year. This is not only for the water quality, but also for the circulatory system. If it is idle for too long, it will cause problems for the components. The circulatory system is idle for too long and is prone to failure.

2. Regular inspection, that is, whether the circulation system can be used normally, whether there is water leakage, sand leakage or other problems, whether the components are aging or faulty, and if necessary, regularly maintenance.

3. Regular cleaning, the filtration system has been used for a long time with many impurities, grease and other dirt that will accumulate in the sand filter and pipeline. These things accumulate more and block inside, which will affect the system filtration effect and even make the water quality worse. Therefore, in addition to regular routine backwashing, decontamination cleaning should be carried out every six months or one year. These stubborn stains should be cleaned with professional detergents and professional methods. The sand filter tank uses the sand tank cleaning agent, the sand filter tank is filled with water, then poured into the sand filter cleaning agent for about 24 hours, and then backwashed.

4. Regular replacement of quartz sand, quartz sand filtration is the most important step in water purification. These sands have a long service life and can be used for several years under normal maintenance conditions. However, it is generally necessary to replace the quartz sand at least for about 3 years. Due to long-term work, the sand's ability to adsorb dust is weakened. The large amount of oil and impurities will cause a large amount of sand to agglomerate, and the filtration effect will be reduced or even lost. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the quartz sand for almost 3 years.


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