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Sauna steam room is a fashion and health care of the double way of leisure.
Nowadays, the sauna steam room has become the fashion of the new era, and it is also the main product of the health industry. According to the combination of people's living habits and physical quality, people before the age of 30 will ignore health, and the body gradually felt tired,  listless, body arrived in all aspects of antibody will decline, in fact, 30 beginning of the age of our life is, truly take responsibility person sweat. The function of the sauna steam room can eliminate fatigue, relax mood, enhance heart and lung function, promote sleep, have fat-reducing, whitening skin, delay aging, lower blood sugar, improve sub-health effect, put family in the heart anytime, anywhere, health how is it enough, the health and happiness of the family is our lifelong pursuit.

The sauna steam room is equipped with a far-infrared generator that emits natural far-infrared rays. It can penetrate human skin tissue and reach the depths of the human skin. It expands blood vessels to promote blood circulation, enhances health and smoothness. Enjoy life light wave, also equipped with a negative ion-like bar, it has the function of high efficiency, energy-saving and purifying the air, sterilizing, disinfecting and deodorizing. It can release a large number of negative ions and improve the effect of steaming room health. Tough, flexible control, temperature setting, time setting control, light with light control function, the far-infrared electric film has high efficiency, skill, economy, pollution-free, long life, temperature controllable, low cost of use. It can radiate far-infrared light waves of 5-15 microns, which has great benefits for human health. The steaming room is a very good healthy product for the family, and it is also the trend of future market development.

Is the family dry steam room good for your health?
The dry sauna steam room is an indispensable part of the family. Dry steaming can activate the sleeping cells of the human body, improve the skin texture, make the skin elastic, repair and regenerate the skin, eliminate the fat, drive off the fat, whiten the skin, and repair the body. Its role is to enhance human immunity and resistance, promote wound healing, dry steam is indeed powerful, and is also a good partner for family health care. For the market, dry sauna steam room is one of the best-selling products, because the price is relatively lower compared with the people, anyone can install it, the operation is simple, the floor space is small, and it is convenient to use. Now the general community and villas are reserved for the sauna steam room installed in the dry steam room. The market share of the house is also relatively large, which is why it is so popular.

Dry steam for home use of health is very good, the society makes people lazy habits, lack of exercise, so that our bodies are in a healthy state, belong to high-temperature dry steam room, maximum the temperature can reach 100 degrees, the steaming is very comfortable and very thorough, the feeling of sweating makes our fatigue disappear instantly. If you want to dry steam room, the effect is very strong and durable. It depends on the material used, why is it so? Because the material is the core of the overall dry steam room, whether it is in the environmental protection standard or the effect of dry steaming and the harm to the body depends on what material is used, in fact, the dry sauna steam room material for the two types of dry steaming rooms with domestic materials, the other is imported materials, then which material is more suitable for household use, more environmentally friendly and more durable, no harm to the body, we want to say the domestic dry sauna steam room, domestic material the price is low, and it is advantageous from the convenience of price. On the contrary, the dry steam room made of domestic materials is rough in material, the wood grain is not fine enough, and the heat preservation is good. Poor, long-term under the influence of high temperature, easy to deform and crack, the bad smell is more serious, the pungent can not be dispersed for a long time, the long-term use will have certain adverse effects on the body, although the price is low but not suitable for family health, import the dry sauna steam room is made of materials imported from Finland and Canada. Although the imported material is slightly expensive, the wood is very durable, the wood grain is smooth, and the heat preservation is excellent. It is not cracked under the high temperature for a long time, and the material is very environmentally friendly, no pungent smell, on the contrary, it will emit a scent that is not faint, and has a service life of more than 15 years. It is the best choice for household dry sauna steam room materials, so it is said that you want a healthy, environmentally friendly and healthy dry steam room. Choose imported materials to be safe to use to make your home healthier and warmer.

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