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This water curtain can work with pump and filter, create various colorful water effect, bring elegance and beauty. Also OK to add waterproof LED light to decorate water.

With the rapid development of the fitness industry, under the fierce competition and cruel challenges, whether or not the pool project and the quality of the swimming pool spa are set to become the members of the club, it is an important criterion for membership. Due to the constraints of venues, funds, construction schedules, procedures, etc., many fitness clubs have failed to do so. The emergence of the fitness club swimming pool spa has broken this bondage and set off a revolutionary boom in the fitness industry.

1. Construction is easier:
The fitness club swimming pool spa equipment is an instant ready-to-use product that includes a complete pool body, swimming pool waterproofing membrane, pool water circulation, filtration, disinfection, heating and intelligent control system ; it can also be pre-buried and pre-buried without doing too much pool foundation and decoration, the engineering volume is much smaller than the average villa pool.

2. Swimming is more fun:
The fitness club swimming pool spa equipment gives the swimming better air. The unique circulation filter design minimizes the taste of the pool disinfectant and gives the customer a comfortable experience. The swimmer no longer has to step on the cold and sturdy tiles, not to worry about the tile strokes. Injuries for swimmers do not require hairpins to be repaired every year.

3. More advanced features:
The fitness club swimming pool spa equipment combines the functions of a four-season heated pool and a spa pool. From then on, your swimming workout is not limited by the pool space, and it is not affected by the seasonal climate change. When you want to swim, you can swim. When the water temperature is heated to 34-40 °C, the gym pool can also be used as a swimming spa pool. You can make full use of the temperature and buoyancy of the water to perform systemic hyperthermia, plus exercise to achieve maintenance and fitness. To make the mind and body get double leisure and relaxation.

4. The cost is more economical:
The fitness club swimming pool spa equipment is more economical than the traditional pool construction, no need to dig pits, saving a lot of money.

5. It is more convenient to use:
The fitness club swimming pool spa equipment is simple, with a high degree of automation and a small amount of maintenance.

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