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A steam generator is professionally used in steam room. We have four series steam generator, there are FANLAN, STCMOET, HARIYA and LAN.We are China steam generator suppliers supplying custom designed steam generator at very competitive prices.


Which is better for electric heating steam generators and gas steam generators? Use cost comparison. The two belong to different categories of steam generators, but the energy-saving features, environmental protection, ease of operation, and safety are still very different. How to choose specifically depends on the field of equipment use, the fuel supply of the unit, the cost of use, and so on.

How the steam generator works: A steam generator is a type of boiler that uses natural gas, diesel, electric energy, etc. to heat water to produce continuous low-pressure steam, a small micro-steam device or a steam boiler. Widely used in food, chemical, dry cleaning, agriculture, concrete curing, etc.

Steam generator control principle: Through a set of pressure or temperature control system, the control system feeds water, water level, steam pressure, etc., the equipment is fully automatic control operation, automatic water supply, automatic pressure control. 

Which is better for electric heating steam generators and gas steam generators? Here are the advantages of the two by comparison.

First, environmental factors: both use natural gas or electricity as a heat source, which belong to the clean energy that are all environmentally friendly products, in line with national environmental requirements.

Second, the safety factor: the electric heating steam generator is an electric heating device, the equipment is installed with leakage protection, the operator's personal safety is ensured with no hidden danger. Gas-fired steam generators are also exempt from inspection products, but natural gas is a flammable and explosive gas, which has potential safety hazards. In addition, if the space installed by the gas-fired steam generator is relatively closed, even if the chimney is led to the outside, the interior has a certain taste. And the longer the time is, the greater the taste will be, which is not conducive to physical and mental health.

Third, running noise. The electric heating steam is silently operated, and the gas steam generator burner is relatively noisy, which brings noise pollution to the surrounding environment. 

Fourth, cost factors: if the calculated power industry to 1 yuan/degree, calculated as 3.5 Gas/cubic, the cost of natural gas is an electrical steam generator doubled, if the average tariff is 0.5 yuan/degrees, both the cost of fuel use is the same.

Fifth, installation, use factors: Both are one-button start-up operations. The electric steam generator is smaller than the fuel gas steam generator, which has a smaller footprint and is easy to move with more convenient to maintain. The gas steam generator is cumbersome, difficult to move, large in area, and poor in maintenance.


Use of steam generator from steam generator suppliers

Winter is cold and dry, and many people like to steam sauna at this time. In the winter sauna, you can evaporate sweat through the sweat glands, remove toxins from the body, etc., and better maintain your health. The steam generator suppliers suggest that the steaming room can relieve everyone's troubles and sweep away the body's toxins. Meet the requirements of lazy people who can sweat without exercising.
Especially for those sedentary jobs that require long-time working in front of the computer with air-conditioning blowing cold or hot dry air, causing not only the skin-tight, but sedentary will also bring many drawbacks, such as cervical vertebrae, shoulders, lumbar vertebrae, etc. have become depressed areas. It causes a lot of toxins in the body to be discharged. Therefore, many people choose to go to the steaming room to discharge body toxins.
The steam generator suppliers supply machines that have a high thermal efficiency and fast gas production, which can quickly heat the steaming room to meet the demand of the steaming room. The steam generator is sensitive, easy to maintain, safe and environmentally friendly, and the operating cost is extremely low, which will not increase the burden of the steaming room, but will save costs and bring more economic benefits to the steaming room.
Steam generator suppliers recommend that the following matters be noticed.
1. The boiler shall be accompanied by the "design documents required by the safety technical specifications, the product quality certificate, the safety and maintenance instructions, and the supervision and inspection certificate--safety performance supervision and inspection certificate.”
2. The unit engaged in the installation, maintenance and transformation of the boiler shall obtain the qualification certificate for the installation and maintenance of special equipment issued by the provincial quality and technical supervision bureau before it can engage in the installation, maintenance and transformation of the boiler. The construction unit will inform the municipality or the special equipment safety supervision and management department of the municipality directly under the jurisdiction of the construction, maintenance and transformation, and send the construction notice to the local county-level quality and technical supervision bureau for the record, and then notify the construction.
3. After the completion of the construction, the construction unit shall report the water pressure test and installation supervision of the boiler to the Special Equipment Inspection Institute of the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. After passing the qualification, the State Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, the State Special Equipment Inspection Institute, and the County Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau will participate in the entire experience.
4. After the boiler is accepted, steam generator suppliers insist the user must fill in the "Boiler (Census) Registration Form" in accordance with the "Special Equipment Registration and Use Management Rules", register with the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, and apply for the "Special Equipment Safety Use Registration Certificate".
5. The boiler operation must be operated by a certified person who has passed the training and obtained the "Special Equipment Operator Certificate". The operation rules, eight systems and six records must be strictly observed during use.
6. Inspection of the boiler. The boiler shall be inspected once a year, and boilers that have not been inspected safely shall not be used. The safety accessories of the boiler are regularly inspected once a year. The pressure gauges are checked once every six months. Safety accessories that have not been inspected regularly shall not be used.
7. It is strictly forbidden to install the atmospheric boiler as a pressure boiler or to use boilers with three safety accessories such as water level gauge, safety valve and pressure gauge.

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