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Steam room machine is an ideal way to help you relax and it will soon be something that you will want to use as often as possible, there are also some other benefits such as getting a clearer skin as a result of the steam opening up the pores.Our company supplies a full line of steam room machine both in modern and classic styles.


Introduciton of steam room machine

Steam room machine, along with the continuous research and development of tourmaline technology, has made expensive aristocratic consumption a center of experience for most people. This is a pioneering work at home and abroad, and it has greatly reduced investment for operators. The development of the project will inevitably lead to the innovation of a healthy concept.
After steam room machine is energized, the neodymium carbon and tourmaline elements contained in the heating plate installed therein are excited by electric energy to a certain temperature, and an energy source having a different wavelength is generated, and the wavelength range and the intensity range are exactly the same as the human body. Electromagnetic waves released by themselves coincide with each other and are selectively absorbed by the deep organs of the human body, thereby promoting the disintegration of human death cell disease dimers, etc., enhancing the body's own regulatory mechanism and immunity!
From the point of use, the steam room machine is mainly divided into two categories: one is a commercial steaming room, which is a variety of shops that use steaming rooms to do business. This steaming room generally has a large number of people; the other is family used steaming room, which is generally small in number and can be used for self-care and are not open for business.
From the size of the area, commercial steaming rooms are generally some of the larger steaming rooms, the floor area is generally more than 6 square meters while that of household steaming rooms are generally below 6 square meters.
Steam room machine can be subdivided into tourmaline steaming room, meteorite energy room, jade energy room, salt steam room, sand bathroom, medicine stone bath, multi-functional energy room and so on from the aspect of efficacy and can be further divided into ordinary steaming room, mid-range steaming room, high-grade steaming room, luxury energy room and so on.
Steam room machine releases the wavelength of 8-14 microns far-infrared rays, and the emissivity is over 90% to ease the circulation and improve the human blood circulation system and microcirculation system, it also releases negative ions, purifying the air, activating cells, thus purifying blood and balancing the body's pH and release 0.06mA of micro-current, regulate cell bioelectrical activity, supplement and balance human bioelectricity;
Generally, far-infrared radiation equipment is used in steam room machine, which uses far-infrared radiation to penetrate the subcutaneous cells of the human body and cause resonance to generate heat. The ground is placed on the floor under the heating film, and the wall is placed behind the bamboo mat or wallpaper. The heating principle of the steaming room is to heat the air in the steaming room, and then the heat is transferred to the person by the air. The heating technology is a bit old and consumes a lot of electricity.
Korean steaming originated in South Korea, evolved from the ancient yellow mud steam into a new generation of high-tech, high-performance, multi-purpose tourmaline steaming. Tourmaline has obvious effects on improving human health, beauty and weight loss; it is a high-temperature physical therapy formed by the use of tourmaline and infrared reflection principle to warm people and sweat. By absorbing the far-infrared rays, negative ions, sub-ions, mineral elements, etc. released by tourmaline, the human body metabolizes harmful substances, improves skin elasticity, promotes systemic blood circulation and metabolism, thereby achieving the effects of beauty, body and treatment of some chronic diseases.

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