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swimming pool lane rope suppliers

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Do you know the pool where the athletes live together?

When you watch the swimming competition, what are you looking at? Is it the data that constantly breaks through the limits of humanity? Are the athletes' cool strokes? Still, look at the face to see the figure? So how much do you know about the equipment for the international swimming competition? Today, the swimming pool lane rope suppliers will uncover the secrets of the pool and get to know the swimming pool where the swimmers get together every day.

How long is the pool?
The official swimming competition is divided into 50m (long pool competition) and 25m (short pool competition).

In fact, when swimming pool lane rope suppliers building a standard swimming pool, the actual length of the pool is generally longer than 50 meters (or 25 meters for a short pool ). Because before the big game, the workers will install an electric board on the pool at both ends of the pool. The thickness of the board is just right after removing the thickness of the board.

At present, the swimming competition is dominated by the long pool, with a high level of competition and more competitive. The short pool competition is shorter and more frequent.

In the short-pool competition, athletes with better turnaround skills are more likely to win good positions for themselves. This is because athletes will encounter twice as many turns in the short pool as the long pool. Therefore, compared with the long pool competition, the short-pool competition has higher requirements for the athletes' own skills, physical strength distribution and control of the rhythm of the whole game. In the long pool competition, because the number of turns at the same distance is small, the actual running on one side is half longer than that in the short pool. The athletes can better display their swimming, explosive and endurance during the swimming process.

How wide is the pool?
The pool for the Olympic and FINA World Championships is 25 meters wide and has 10 lanes. The side lanes are marked 0 and 9, and the inner lanes are 1-8. But do you know? Despite the 2.5 m buffer area on both sides of the pool wall, the waves still cause resistance to side athletes.

In the regular competition, the individual scores of the athletes and the preliminaries and semi-finals will be used as an important basis for the distribution. As the athletes in the middle of the road receive less interference, athletes with better scores are generally ranked in the middle. In fact, the middle position is also more conducive to the athletes to observe the progress of the game, in order to better adjust their rhythm.

What is the role of the lane line?
There are 10 lanes in the Olympic Games and the FINA World Championships, separating each lane. The swimming pool lane rope suppliers said that it is just an ordinary dividing line, which plays a very important role in the game. The lane line can eliminate wave, so that the waves generated by the athlete during the swimming process will not have too much impact on each other. If the athlete accidentally drowns and cramps, he can temporarily relax his state by holding the swimming line. The lane line provided by the swimming pool lane rope suppliers also poses a certain danger to the athlete. If you are not careful, you may be cut.

How deep is the pool?
The international standard swimming competition, swimming pool depth should not be less than 2m. It is generally recommended to build a 3m deep swimming pool. This is because the standard swimming pool up to 3m deep can also be used for synchronized swimming competitions. This will save resources and make a pool more.



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