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Why Is It More Suitable To Use Pool Glue Film To Solve The Problem Of Pool Brick Falling Off?

Vinyl pool liner manufacturers said before the birth of the pool adhesive film, the decorative materials of the inner wall of the swimming pool always used the traditional pool bricks or pool mosaics, but in the process of use, some swimming pools have the situation that the pool bricks and mosaics fall off in 1-2 years, and the later repair is very difficult, because the colors of different batches of bricks are different, it is difficult to unify the repair colors. When repairing, it is necessary, for the water in the pool is so clean that the cost of each repair is not low. But if it is not repaired, the falling mosaic can easily scratch the skin and infect the bacteria. These problems, before the birth of the pool film, have been bothering the venue operators.

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Why do swimming pool bricks fall off easily? Vinyl pool liner manufacturers said some of the tiles in the swimming pool may fall off due to the uneven proportion of cement that can only be changed during the construction process, but most of the tiles fall off mainly due to the water quality of the swimming pool. Because the water in the swimming pool is recycled, in order to make the water quality meet the use standard, it is necessary to disinfect and filter the water quality. The disinfectant commonly used in the swimming pool is chlorinated products, which react with the substances in the water to produce weak acid substances, while the cement calcium carbonate is slightly alkaline, which will have chemical reactions, and the tiles in the swimming pool will inevitably fall off after long-term use If the water quality of the swimming pool is weak alkaline, the phenomenon of falling off of the swimming pool bricks will be reduced.

Vinyl pool liner manufacturers said as a new type of water-proof decorative material for swimming pool, the material of swimming pool rubber film is made of PVC and polyester fiber by coating and scraping process. PVC material can resist acid and alkali, and the joint is welded and sealed, so there is no safety hazard caused by falling off of swimming pool brick. For indoor and outdoor swimming pools and hot spring pool, children's swimming pool and other places to choose the pool plastic film as the decoration material is more appropriate!

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Said so many, regarding the swimming pool glue membrane, you also have been eager to try? But in the face of the complex and diverse pool film on the market, is it still hard to start? Let's try this pool film recommended by vinyl pool liner manufacturers.

This swimming pool adhesive film recommended by vinyl pool liner manufacturers is a green and environmental protection swimming pool adhesive film. It is made of safe and environmental PVC material. The material is non-toxic and harmless. It has good UV resistance and shrinkage resistance. It can be used in all kinds of indoor and outdoor pools. Of course, it also includes many heterosexual pools now.

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Vinyl pool liner manufacturers said swimming pool film has good corrosion resistance, especially chlorine corrosion resistance, which is the common chlorination product in the swimming pool. In addition, swimming pool adhesive film has good weather resistance, no obvious material change will occur at ± 45 ℃, and the pavement is simple. A standard swimming pool can be paved in 7 days, which shortens the construction period and does not fall off in the later period, greatly saving the operator's operating cost.

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